San Francisco Giants Opening Day

7 04 2009

New Pictures 029The San Francisco Giant’s Opening Day was a wild and crazy event and if you were so lucky to attend, you’d agree.

One thing  I noticed during all of the Opening Day debauchery was AT&T Park’s effort to be one of the greenest and most energy efficient ball parks in the nation.  Here’s a snapshot I took with my iPhone after hitting up the Gordon Bierch for garlic fries and beer:


Read more information about PG&E’s efforts to make AT&T Park more Green here.


The Expendables at The Warfield

1 04 2009

The ExpendablesThe Expendables is one of my favorite bands to see live in concert.  It really kills me when I go to see live music and I realize that I’d rather listen to them through my car stereo – I NEVER feel this way after going to see The Expendables.  This was my third time witnessing The Expendables in concert and they did not fail to impress me with their performance at The WarfieldExpendables 2

The Dog Cat Rat

14 03 2009

I had heard about numerous sitings of the infamous Dog-Cat-Rat Man from friends who live in the Bay Area and was wondering when I would finally meet this man with his trio.  Then…it happened. Below is a snapshot of the Dog-Cat-Rat Man and he three furry friends:


Hear about how Whitney and I came across The Dog-Cat-Rat Man and his adorable trio at Whitney’s Blog.

Danny Masterson of “That 70’s Show” DJ’s at Fluid

26 02 2009

Danny Masterson of “That 70’s Show” made an appearance at San Francisco’s Fluid as the Thursday Night celebrity DJ:


There were three main reasons that made Danny Masterson a good DJ:

  1. He took song requests
  2. He played Justice
  3. He goes by the name DJ Mom Jeans

And for those who don’t know what “Mom Jeans” are, please refer to the picture below:


A Day in San Francisco

10 01 2009

A view of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks:


Another view of San Francisco from Twin Peaks where you can see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge:


A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field, a park in San Francisco:


A bird sitting peacefully on a stroller at Crissy Field:


The shadows Lorena, Whitney & I:


*All pictures were taken with my iPhone.

Bye-Bye 2008, Hello 2009!

31 12 2008

Crossing the Bay Bridge on our way to San Francisco for our New Year’s Eve celebration:nyeonthewaytosf1

Woman on stilts perused the “Passport to the World” party at The Westin St. Francis:


The balloon drop as the clock struck midnight to welcome 2009:


I swear I thought the crowd was going to be smothered by the massive amount of balloons:


The Beautiful San Francisco Bay

2 10 2008

A snapshot of a glorious day from the top of the hill in Pacific Heights of San Francisco, CA.