Moves that Rock

14 05 2009

I hope to one day dance with someone who has moves like this kid.


Southwest Sky Photo Shoot

20 03 2009

I’ve never been so ecstatic to get a window seat – seriously. During my last trip to San Diego, I was lucky enough to fly during the most beautiful time of day that you could fly on the west coast (during sunset, duh!).   Below are the snapshots taken throughout my flight with my iPhone:




And a special thanks to Cesar who hooked me up with my roundtrip flight to San Diego! 🙂

The Dog Cat Rat

14 03 2009

I had heard about numerous sitings of the infamous Dog-Cat-Rat Man from friends who live in the Bay Area and was wondering when I would finally meet this man with his trio.  Then…it happened. Below is a snapshot of the Dog-Cat-Rat Man and he three furry friends:


Hear about how Whitney and I came across The Dog-Cat-Rat Man and his adorable trio at Whitney’s Blog.

Danny Masterson of “That 70’s Show” DJ’s at Fluid

26 02 2009

Danny Masterson of “That 70’s Show” made an appearance at San Francisco’s Fluid as the Thursday Night celebrity DJ:


There were three main reasons that made Danny Masterson a good DJ:

  1. He took song requests
  2. He played Justice
  3. He goes by the name DJ Mom Jeans

And for those who don’t know what “Mom Jeans” are, please refer to the picture below:


Pepsi Ads in San Francisco at Powell BART

1 01 2009






Dirty Birds $1 Bill

21 12 2008

On one of my last days living life in San Diego we went to one of my favorite Pacific Beach bars, Dirty Birds.  The walls of Dirty Birds is decorated with $1 bills that have been drawn and made into a unique creation by beach/bar-goers.  My friend Jackie gave me a $1 bill so I could make my mark on the bar wall before my departure from San Diego.  My creation:  a psychedelic George Washington.



Sand Castle in Pacific Beach

11 10 2008

A snapshot taken on a Saturday afternoon in Pacific Beach, CA: