A Day in San Francisco

10 01 2009

A view of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks:


Another view of San Francisco from Twin Peaks where you can see the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge:


A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field, a park in San Francisco:


A bird sitting peacefully on a stroller at Crissy Field:


The shadows Lorena, Whitney & I:


*All pictures were taken with my iPhone.

Dirty Birds $1 Bill

21 12 2008

On one of my last days living life in San Diego we went to one of my favorite Pacific Beach bars, Dirty Birds.  The walls of Dirty Birds is decorated with $1 bills that have been drawn and made into a unique creation by beach/bar-goers.  My friend Jackie gave me a $1 bill so I could make my mark on the bar wall before my departure from San Diego.  My creation:  a psychedelic George Washington.